Does your Instagram feed fit your brand?

When I first started Tangible Designs, I decided that Instagram would be my main social media platform. Since it’s all image-based, that would be the best way to show and sell my designs. I had a color scheme in mind (down to having the palette ready for easy access) and even planned the font that I was going to use. I had everything I would ever need.

Except for discipline.

When I began posting to Instagram, I liked the way things were going. Then, it got out of hand. When I looked at my feed in full on my phone, I wanted to puke. Everything was all over the place, but I told myself to press on, figure out what I needed to do later and then course-correct. I’m not proud of that idea, but I was new to it and had seen feeds of others who had done the same thing.

What I didn’t realize is that I was still a baby to this. Tangible Designs wasn’t but a month old. This was the PERFECT time to start over! “But this early in the game?” Absolutely. I needed to reconfigure my thoughts and figure out what I wanted my feed to look like. Naturally, a sinus infection came along and I couldn’t breathe correctly for like a week. One of those nights was really bad. I couldn’t sleep, I felt horrible, and I was still concerned about how my Instagram page looked. So I took the plunge. I went from 44 Instagram posts… to 3.

I was terrified, but not to the point that I wanted to re-upload everything right away. Not yet.

I went back to the mental place I was at when I started the feed and I forced myself to come up with templates that I would use. I thought about doing sort of a checkerboard design like so many others, but I wanted to be different. I just wanted everything to look clean and serene. I came up with around 10 different templates that I could use for whatever I wanted and saved them in a file that is easy for me to use and manipulate whenever I want to post something to social media. I decided against an overall color palette but thought that posts with mostly white on them were what I was after in terms of how I wanted to present my brand on social media.

Do you know what your brand colors and font are or will be? Do you have a particular vision for how you present yourself on social media? If your company relies heavily on images as mine does, I definitely recommend hiring someone to help you put together a social media strategy, doing some research on social media feed designs, or even something as simple as finding the right templates for your profiles.

I picked a single font that would be used for all text except when I’m presenting a logo. I made sure to position my “signature” at the bottom of each post in the same spot every time, even if it meant me having to refactor the post around it. I made sure that no matter what, I use these templates (I’m up to 16 now, by the way) because uniformity in design matters to me. So does discipline.

Present your brand however you want. You may have to delete and restart, but the satisfaction of design uniformity will be so worth it!

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