Starting Up (and Over)!

Starting up can be scary. Starting over can be TERRIFYING. No matter which of these you’re doing, it’s going to be a lot of work. What colors represent your brand? What font do you want to go with? How will visitors to your social media pages and website view your brand? Most importantly: how does your brand’s name appear?

While there are so many cons to starting over, let’s focus on the pros!

  1. A clear mind is a happy mind.

For me and many others, I can’t function with a cluttered mind. Just as I had to scrap most of my IG feed, you may want to consider clearing off some mental desk space. A blank canvas is sometimes the best canvas! And if you can organize your thoughts amid chaos, I envy you!

  1. Failing to plan… blah blah blah.

At the end of 2017, I bought a planner. What I would do with it remained to be determined. Now, I honestly can’t go a day without looking at it. I do some social media work on the side in addition to running every aspect of Tangible Designs and working towards getting a few certifications (and full-time mom). I write down everything. Do I do it all? Nope! Sometimes life happens (like you get a sinus infection. Ugh.) and you can’t get to everything. But, even if you did one thing on a list of a hundred, you still got two things done: making a plan as well as doing that one thing. See? Easiest head start ever!

  1. In fact, you DO get a second chance to make a first impression

When I scrapped my IG (I talk about this a lot), I asked myself “But what about all the likes I’ve garnered? I’m just throwing those away?” Yes. Yes, I was. I got to a point where that didn’t matter because I wasn’t presenting my brand in a way that mattered to me (bonus: there are so many Instagram auto-like programs that people pay to use. Not all of us just want double-taps). Since I restarted, I think I’ve gotten more valuable feedback. Not just from newer people I’ve interacted with, but from former ones as well.

  1. Have it your way and/or someone else’s way

If you’ve ever been to a buffet, you know the value of making your plate almost exactly how you want it. You put a little of this pre-made item, and then this one, and you finish it all off with dessert. Yummy and easy right? But, sometimes the food just doesn’t taste quite right. This needs some hot sauce or there are raisins in this potato salad that you didn’t see at first (I make it a rule not to eat potato salad if I don’t trust the person or didn’t see them make it, but I digress). Imagine what it would be like if YOU cooked it. This isn’t to tell you about the value of cooking at home versus paying someone for pre-made food, but it certainly applies. Being able to have what you want the way you want it is great, even though it can be time-consuming. Remember: You don’t have to do it all yourself; outsource if you need to! You may want to pick up a pre-made logo from Tangible Designs and add it to a specific category of your blog or source a brain dump session with someone to nail down exactly what you want. Either way, you can put your name on it and it doesn’t have to be draining!

5. Once you do it, it’s done

That’s it, really. The hard part is over. You’ve started or restarted your brand. Everything is shiny and pretty and reflective of you. Nowhere to go from here but up!

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