Being Resourceful: Knowledge Is Key

In the XX amount of years that have flown by since I graduated high school, SO much has changed. Internet speeds have gotten faster, the web has been filled with so much more information, and new and different ways to achieve online success have emerged. Unfortunately, knowledge isn’t always free. Community colleges, 4-year universities, and even some online courses can cost coinage that not everybody has. I want to share with you some ways that I’ve gained business knowledge for free.

When taking that first step to building your brand, business, or blog, the most powerful tool you can have in your belt is knowledge. Knowledge isn’t just what you know; it’s knowing where to go for help. This is not a business coaching session nor is it a definitive way to learn skills like SEO and social media marketing (especially since that can change from week to week). These are some of the best (and cheapest) starting points that I’ve found since I started is a learning library offered by LinkedIn that provides courses and videos on a LOT of subjects. Whether you’re trying to learn Photoshop or become a Mobile App Maker, there’s something available for everyone. starts at $10 a month, but bear with me.

Most schools and libraries will actually let you use Lynda for free! If you have an active library card and sign up through your institution’s or library’s site, you can get access to Lynda free of charge forever!

I took a Web Developer course late last year that was gifted to me by a friend and I was so impressed with it, I bought the second one (it was only $15). Udemy has an arguably bigger library than Lynda and is much cheaper, with the learner paying a one-time fee (usually no more than $20) for lifetime access to a class. As of lately, our funds have been a little tight but I want to gain more knowledge that will help me become successful. In light of that, I discovered that Udemy has free courses as well! The ratio of paid to free courses is generously tipped in favor of paid, but you can still sharpen your skills with some of the free courses. Some of them even offer you a snazzy certification upon completion.

This one is pretty obvious, I know, but YouTube is still a wonderful resource to gain information. The one thing I don’t like about it is that it seems really cluttered and it’s really hard to find out how to do certain very specific things. Other than that, whether it’s a makeup tutorial or “how do I do this in Illustrator,” YouTube as a free learning resource can be a blessing.

Before I go…

Everything takes time to really understand the concept and even longer to master, so don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get it the first time! All of the sites I listed above were picked because they don’t have an expiration date on how long you can access the material. Set out some time during your day or week to take a look at courses and make that course a habit. Set goals for yourself, if you need to. Learning something new is a task in itself, but remember: you got this!

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