Being Resourceful: Trendy – A funny word with a LOT of power.

When most people think of the word “trend”, it’s usually within the context of what other people are doing, i.e. fashion trends, diet trends, etc. While it often results in driving folks away who abhor following the flow of the river, with social media trends, staying on top of the goings on is borderline crucial. While I don’t have any proven methods (because I’m still figuring this out m’self), here are some great resources to see where social media trends are headed.

I actually discovered this site because I noticed a friend of mine retweeted something from them. They are chock-full of infographics, statistics, and news about social sites that you may or may not have heard about (like Facebook’s new “Lip Sync Live” feature). A very substantial portion (I want to say all) of these articles are written by people who know social media marketing and stay on top of trends. If you’re already overwhelmed, head over to their site, search for a topic you may be having trouble with, and let them break it down for you. I can tell you that they’ve helped me tremendously.

Connect with a Digital Strategist

When you don’t have the time or the patience for something, but it needs to be done, offload it! Digital Strategists can help you with just that. (The worst part about me writing this paragraph is that I know a digital strategist and I really need to connect with them sooner rather than later.) I know so little about SEO. The fact that the rules are changing almost all of the time make my head spin. All of those “analytics” and “insights”? A digital strategist can help you understand all of it. They can also give you the tools to kick ass at marketing and social media trends. That’s the goal here, right?

Size Matters

Social media image dimensions were, for a while, the bane of my existence. Every site has their own sizes for almost every image imaginable. Tab images, profile pics, digital ads, you name it! While you surely don’t want to spend half your day resizing and reconfiguring your latest post, it’ll be worth it. While you might be creating images for desktop use, keep phone usage in mind as well. This, too, is part of social media trends. You want to give them a reason to stop scrolling. Here’s my free social media image size cheat sheet that will help you get started. All social platforms will show the full image when expanded. It’s the previews that are the real pains in the ass.

Before I go…

Everyone’s field or niche is going to be different. You’re not going to market and promote your brand the same way that someone similar will. Consult with your tribe or join a community on Facebook if you have questions about social media trends. And most importantly, remember that these are guidelines, not rules. Have fun!

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