Premade Branding Bundles

Last week, I unveiled a new product to the Tangible Designs lineup: premade branding bundles. I want to go into detail about what these are, what they include, the ordering process, and how this can benefit you!

What is a premade branding bundle?

A premade branding bundle is a collection of digital (and some physical) marketing materials to bring a more cohesive look and feel to your current or new brand. All of the elements have been specifically designed to complement one another in order to make sure that your visual brand is noticeable on any platform. And we all know that I love cohesion.

What does this bundle include?

There are different levels of the bundle that you can purchase. Here are descriptions of the items listed in the bundles.

  • Logo: This will ideally be the main logo you use for your brand, though you can certainly use another one from the bundle if you want.
  • “Just Your Name” logo: This logo is exactly what it sounds like: the name of your brand in the font chosen for that bundle. No shapes, no fun designs. Just text. Perfect for watermarks, copyright information, or your email signature. Feel free to use it however!
  • Alternative logo: This is another main logo you can use, but just offers a different look for a different situation. You can use this wherever!
  • Social Media Templates: These themed templates are made with a border in the same theme as the bundle. Each social network featured comes with 5 different designs, but remain similar in style. These templates are sized for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
  • Social Media Headers: These styled headers are in or above the dimensions listed on my Social Media Image Cheat Sheet and a few others. You can choose from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube/Google Plus, and Linked in! For your blog, you’ll need to tell me what size you need so it will look perfect!
  • Patterns and Textures: Just in case you want to go a little wild with creating your own posts. You can use them in Canva, Preview, or whatever you use to create social media posts! There are some instances where I will not be able to provide the exact pattern or texture, but you will be given something close to it.
  • Media Kit: I love creating media kits! This one features your logo, a high res headshot of you (you’ll have to provide that), and your brand’s statistics that you’ve gathered from all of your platforms. The statistics might take some time to gather, but it’ll be worth it! Note: The bronze package does NOT come with a media kit. Please refer to the chart to see the number of media kit pages included with the other packages.
  • Business cards (optional): I’ll give you a digital business card design and ship 100 of them to your door! This should take no longer than 10 business days once I’ve received. Your approval for the design.

How much are the packages?

Every package for every bundle is, and will be, priced the same so there are no surprises.

  • Bronze – $99
  • Silver – $149
  • Gold – $199
  • Platinum – $299

How do I order?

Before I get into detail, please understand that constant communication and accurate information is CRUCIAL to getting this done in a timely manner. If you provide all of the information I need (which will be given to you when you order), I can get this done within 7 business days, if not a WHOLE lot sooner.

First, you pick out the bundle you want. Next, when you select your bundle package (bronze, silver, gold, or platinum), be sure to read below the drop-down box to see what’s included in each one specifically. I’m pretty flexible, so if there’s something from one package that you want added to another (i.e. if you want a media kit added to the bronze package), let me know prior to ordering! Altering the bundle will change the price, but that price will be told to you before you make a decision. As this is not an a la carte service, I will only allow 1 or 2 reasonable substitution for these bundles. I am, however, considering an a la carte service in the future.

How can I order a custom bundle?

Search my store for the word “custom” and the order pages for those will show up!

How does this benefit me?

The benefits or a premade branding bundle are numerous, but here are just a few of my favorites:

  • Quick turnaround time (in most cases)
  • The price! Did you see how inexpensive these are for what you get?
  • A truly cohesive visual for your brand
  • The ability to create and customize your own posts with the elements provided
  • Brand recognition across all platforms

While there are only 3 designs now, let me assure you that more are on the way. If you would like a custom themed bundle, let’s discuss!

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