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Note: This is in no way a sponsored post, nor does it contain any affiliate links. Also, I haven’t tried this out yet, but I plan to soon.

I talk a lot about media kits and using them to connect with brands, but I’ve never really talked about the “how”. Yesterday, I stumbled across a program for influencers and advertisers called “Activate.” It was created by Bloglovin’ as a means to easily connect influencers with brands and vice versa. Activate matches influencers with relevant campaigns and has monetization opportunities, as well!

How do I sign up?

If you don’t have one already, you need a Bloglovin account. Bloglovin’ is a service that lets you connect with, follow, and find blogs fairly easily. After you set up you account and connect your blog, head over to this page to sign up for Activate. They will ask you a fair amount of questions and ask you to connect your socials for the sake of maximizing your campaign opportunities. I’m not sure if connecting these accounts is a requirement, but they do HIGHLY encourage it.

You can connect your Twitter, Facebook, Google Analytics account as well as your YouTube account and more!

Wait, you said something about getting paid?

I did! You need to connect a PayPal account, but note that not all campaigns pay in cash. Some offer product in lieu of cash. It’s entirely dependent on what the sponsor wants to offer.

Activate pays on a Net60 schedule, which means as long as you have the minimum amount to cash out (which is $5), you’ll be paid roughly 60 days after you complete a campaign.


What else can I do?

You can participate in sweepstakes, which I think is pretty awesome. I know that giveaways can bring in a lot of followers. They provide you with a link to the sweepstakes microsite (a little one page site) and you can embed it on your blog and/or social channels.

Are there any other programs like this?

Yes! You can also sign up for these sites that do similar work:

How can I learn more about working with brands?

Bloglovin’ has a Skillshare course that’s only 22 minutes long that speaks to this subject. Plus, it’s free!

What if I want to do this the old-fashioned way and just send an email to brands?

You absolutely can! You want to make sure that when you send that first email, you’re not arguing against yourself. None of this “I haven’t been doing this long” or “I don’t have a lot of followers” nonsense. Delete it.

You also want to make sure that you’re not asking for freebies straight out the gate. That’s a bad look.

Tell the brand about your experience with their product or service. Hype up your statistics like your engagement rate and your page views per month. And finally…

Get your media kit ready.

How do I get a media kit?

From me, obviously! You can grab a premade media kit, a premade bundle which may include a media kit, or request a quote for whatever you need for your brand or rebrand! If you have any questions about a media kit, you can always reach out to me on social media (I use Twitter the most) or fill out the contact form.

Good luck out there! xo


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