10 Common Branding Terms

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you know I talk a LOT about branding. Sometimes, I get caught up in using jargon related to this field and forget that not everyone will know what I’m talking about! Whether it’s product, assets, or regular terminology, I’ll break down the branding terms I use the most.


Brand: A brand is a mixture of marketing strategies, design, values and much more that come together to tell your audience what your business is about and influence their opinion of what you do.

Branding: When someone says they are “branding” their business, they usually mean they’re in the process of putting the pieces of their brand together. Similarly, rebranding is the process of doing all of this again – re-strategizing, creating a new visual identity, and in some cases, a name change!

Brand Identity: Your brand identity includes the values and underlying personality of your brand. This should not only reflect the products and/or services you provide; it should include your own personality as well. Think of your branding identity as the body, mind, heart and soul of your brand.

Branding Visuals / Visual Branding / Visual Identity: I use these terms interchangeably and I really shouldn’t do that. I imagine it can get pretty confusing, so let’s stick with visual branding. If your brand identity is a person, think of your visual branding as your brand’s clothing, hair style, makeup, accessories, etc.! Visual branding is the first think your potential clients and readers see and what Tangible Designs focuses on. Think about the first time you a really delicious looking dessert. What were your thoughts? Those are the same things that you want future clients to say about your brand! Well, everything except the eating part.

Rebranding: We’ve covered this a little bit earlier, but I want to expand on it. Rebranding can be as big as a complete “reset and reload” of your brand or something as small as changing the font in your logo. Whatever the size, rebranding is changing key aspects of your brand to something new. I’ve helped a number of people with their rebranding and even done it myself (like 3 times). Visual rebranding is my specialty. If you’re looking to overhaul your strategy, you may speak to a brand strategist, like Wynn Media Creative.


Branding Board: A branding board is an awesome and visually stunning way to show off some of your brand assets. You can show this to your audience, so they know when they see different variations of your visual branding, it’s really you. It’s also helpful for you as far as keeping your visual branding consistent. You can see my branding board below!


Branding Kit: Branding kits are a collection of all the assets needed to complete your visual branding. You can check out what I have in my branding kits for blogger and for small businesses! You don’t need to have a huge branding kit; you can start with the basics and work your way up to a higher package over time. Both of my custom branding kits come in 4 package options that include things like a logo, and alternative logo, and social media templates. In a lot of cases, just the basics will do!

Logo: A logo is both a small and big part of your brand. It’s an image that represents your brand but also reflects some of the things about your brand. Are you a writer? You might have a book or a pen in your logo. Retail store? Best Buy has a price tag! Logos don’t always need to contain a graphic; there are plenty of books that tell a great story without pictures. Whatever your brand represents can and should be reflected in your logo.

Media Kit: If a brand is the person and the visual identity are the clothes, your media kit is your brand’s resume. Use a media kit to show potential collaborators (other brands, bloggers, etc.) how you can work together to achieve a common goal by detailing who you are, who your brand is, what your audience looks like and how you’d like to help them.

Mood Board: I don’t talk about mood boards enough, so let’s change that. A mood board is a collection of images that you want your graphic designer (me) to use to creating your visual branding. A mood board should have colors, images, fonts, or text on it to guide your graphic designer in your ideal direction. A mood board isn’t always necessary, but it can help speed up the process of creating your branding kit!

My Commitment

I am committed to helping small businesses and bloggers brand or rebrand. Let’s talk about my existing custom branding kits and find the right one for you!

3 thoughts on “10 Common Branding Terms

  1. I really enjoyed reading this blog post! I already knew what some of the terms meant, but it was nice to learn some new ones.

    1. Thank you so much for reading and I’m glad you enjoyed it! Which new ones did you learn?

  2. As a new blogger, I have heard of some of these terms but didn’t really know what they meant! Thanks for sharing this! Good info to know as I move forward!

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