Back Up Your Brand!

Back Up Your Brand

It’s almost the beginning of a new year! You’ve got your ideas or assets for your rebrand ready to go. You even have a launch date in mind! But what do you do with all your old assets? While I’m in the middle of doing this, I want to give you some helps tools and tips to backing up your brand! Note: This post contains affiliate links.

Cloud Storage

I know that some people are a little hesitant to put all their stuff in the cloud, and I completely understand that. But, if you’re not opposed to it, what are you waiting for? I use three cloud services (all for different things, for the most part) but you only need one. Here are the cloud services I use and the benefits I gain from using them.

Google Drive will let you back up all your photos for free with no limitations! How cool is that? I mean, it’s a bit creepy because we know how tech companies are with our personal information (I’m looking at you, Facebook), but I digress. I like that I don’t have to worry about whether our photos from the trip to the zoo are being saved or not. Google Drive will back up your photos, no matter what phone you have.

OneDrive from Microsoft is the cloud service that I’ve used the longest and have the most stuff on. They offer 15GB (I think) for free, but I pay the $100 a year fee for the family plan. Why? Because it includes Office on up to 5 computers and 5 mobile devices. This is perfect for small businesses that use Word, Excel, PowerPoint. Oh, and they bump the storage up to 1 terabyte with that plan. You might not ever fill that up (though I’ve seen some people get close…).

iCloud Storage is the third and final one I use. The hubs and I are using the $3 a month plan that includes 200GB for each of us. This is great because it allows us to back up our iPhones and not have to get the highest onboard storage version of the iPhone they have. I do NOT like having high amounts of storage on my phone. I don’t know why.

Physical Storage

I have both a MacBook and a Windows desktop computer, and so, I have 2 external hard drives. One is for my Mac’s Time Machine feature, while the other is a catch-all for both devices. I formatted the catch-all in exFAT so I can use it on either computer. Here are the two that I use.

WD 2TB My Passport Ultra Portable External Hard Drive in White-Gold: I’m going to keep it all the way real. I got this hard drive because of the color. The fact that I’ve only used (and as such trusted) Western Digital is a bonus. Since that is a bit of coin to drop on something that’s pretty (and I don’t want to confuse the two), I also have this one. They’re the same storage capacity and I happened to get the white and gold one when it was on sale.

If you have a device with USB type C ports, you’ll need to grab this cable, as well. I use this one for the hard drive that acts as my Time Machine. As an alternative, you can grab a USB hub for cheap as well! Again, I got this one for the color, but it works rather well. It has 3 USB 3.0 ports on it, an SD card slot AND a microSD card slot. This is perfect for me since I dabble in photo editing.

What tools do you use to back up your brand? And have you done it yet? Let me know in the comments below!



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