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Don’t need the whole branding kit just yet?

Check out some of my individual offerings and get only the assets you need!

Media Kits*

Get a customized media kit for your brand! Available in 1-, 2-, or 3-page options, I’ll design a custom media kit to show brands and collaborators just how awesome you are. As if they don’t know already.


Blog Headers

Give your blog the awesome header it deserves, not some default that your service gave you. Your blog deserves to stand out just as much as you do. Dress it up a bit! Make sure your individuality shines.


Instagram Assets

Instagram templates let people know that you are ALL about luxury. Your feed shouldn’t be just a collection of pictures. It should be an experience. Let’s create something you and your client’s will love.


Aesthetic Board*

Let me take your existing visual branding to the next level with a customized aesthetic/branding board! Post it to social media or add it to your brand’s style guidelines! No matter how you choose to display it, know that you’re doing it fashionably.


Pricing Sheet*

Show of your available products and/or services in style! A pricing sheet is a great way to put all of your cards on the table so that clients know what to expect from you. Print it out, post it to social media, or add it to your site! It’s yours to distribute how you want.


Yes, logos! I offer two options for logos, both of which provide you with high-quality images. Whether it’s for initial branding or a rebrand, don’t go for one of those pre-made options (yes, this is a self-drag). Invest in your brand’s individuality with a custom logo.

*All media kits, aesthetic boards, and pricing sheets will feature text to show that it was created by Tangible Designs. It will not interfere with the design itself.

Want to get the branding package instead?