Shutting Down?

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Last week, I went slightly MIA. I wasn’t in a good place and didn’t really feel like putting much, if any, effort into anything. Not just with my company; with life. I was basically a hollow shell of a human just… here. Doing normal things but feeling nothing behind whatever […]

The WORST Boss I’ve Ever Had

Have you ever had a boss or a coworker that constantly tried to keep you from doing something you wanted or needed to get done? Someone who was always badgering you about everything and did nothing themselves? I did. And it was the absolute worst. This person does little to encourage or incentivize their people […]

Premade Logos For Sale! But.. why?

“How do I buy a logo for my business?” A lot of people ask this question every day and don’t know where to start. Some know where to start, but don’t have the funds to do so. There are a ton of options out there. Everything from custom logos made by a graphic designer that […]

Being Resourceful: What about your friends?

Do your friends know about your blog, business, or brand? If so, do they support you often with likes, shares, and retweets? Also, do you do the same for them? Your friends (or people who believe in you and your brand) are your best and least expensive marketing tool. They likely have a different set […]

Being Resourceful: “Stock” Up For Free!

You’ve got your social media profiles all set up and you’re ready to post. You scour the internet for that perfect picture only to find that it is protected by copyright or behind a paywall. LAME. So what do you do? Right now, you can’t afford the monthly fee for some stock photo sites but […]

Being Resourceful: Trendy – A funny word with a LOT of power.

When most people think of the word “trend”, it’s usually within the context of what other people are doing, i.e. fashion trends, diet trends, etc. While it often results in driving folks away who abhor following the flow of the river, with social media trends, staying on top of the goings on is borderline crucial. […]

Being Resourceful: Knowledge Is Key

In the XX amount of years that have flown by since I graduated high school, SO much has changed. Internet speeds have gotten faster, the web has been filled with so much more information, and new and different ways to achieve online success have emerged. Unfortunately, knowledge isn’t always free. Community colleges, 4-year universities, and […]

Fascinating Results from my Logo Survey!

Recently, I conducted a survey about what people look for in a logo and the results were interesting. I wanted to do this survey to make sure that I was providing the services that people want and need. I’m going to discuss the results as well as explain a few things from my standpoint as […]

How to Free Up Your (Content) Calendar

If you’re a student or employee or stay-at-home parent, you already have a lot on your plate. Between homework, clocking in, or chasing a toddler around the house while desperately trying to keep both the kid and the house clean (story of my life), how would you even begin to focus on getting your blog, […]

Another Amazing Way to Connect via Social Media

Lately, there’s been a mass exodus regarding Facebook. Unfortunately, they’ve embedded themselves so deeply into the main platform I use (they bought it), that I can’t get away from it without shutting everything done and having virtually no presence in the online world (except Twitter and my website). I’m learning to use what I have […]