Branding Package FAQs

Let's create a brand you love.

Putting together visual branding and a marketing strategy can be tedious, time consuming, and sometimes expensive. My goal is to alleviate all that I can for you. Check out what’s coming in my all-new branding package.

Branding packages start at $1000


Let's create a logo your clients will remember. Since I am no longer providing pre-made logos, your main logo and alternative logo will be custom-made. Pre-made logos are SO 2018.


Your avatar should be just as unique as your logo (though you can use your logo if you want). I will create a custom submark or avatar for your brand's social media presence.


Instagram templates make brand cohesion SUPER easy. This package includes a limited number of high quality templates designed that are compatible with any app or software.


Hashtags can be a pain to try to figure out. I will research and provide you with what I feel are the best hashtags to increase your brand's visibility on social media.


If you have a blog, you know how important keywords are. Let me find the best keywords or phrases for your blog and help you get the page views you deserve.


Your aesthetic board will provide you with an overview of your brands "mood", including HEX (or web) codes for your brand's colors.